General Information

Attendees from out-of-state:  Fairbanks is located in the interior of Alaska and is serviced by major airlines such as Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines.  You can fly directly into Fairbanks.  If you are interested in doing a little sightseeing and seeing more of Alaska, flying into Anchorage then driving to Fairbanks might be a consideration; Anchorage is located 356 miles south by way of the George Parks Highway.

Conference hotel – TBD

Web Sites of Interest
CG Jung Society of Northern Alaska – Visit us here to learn more about programs and events we have offered during our current and past seasons.

Facebook – CG Jung Society of Northern Alaska – If you haven’t already, visit us on Facebook and be sure to “Like us”

Explore Fairbanks – The official web site of the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau.  A nice place to start for those who are visiting from outside of Fairbanks as you plan your visit.